X- Save the Animals (Themeless)

 by Adrian Johnson / Size: 15x15 / Words: 70 / Difficulty: 4.5/5

Happy 2020 (won) everybody! I, for one, am excited to put this catastrophe of a year behind us and look towards the future. This year, you'll hopefully see my puzzles slowly but surely emerge in places that are not this site... stay tuned :)

To celebrate the first weekend of the new year, I bring you AJX's second full-size themeless puzzle. This grid, the hardest one I've posted so far, dates June 2020. The seed at 38-A is inspired by this video from Mr. Beast. My family has three cats, Amada, Bugsy and Oreo and a dog Josie, and I love them all dearly. This one's for you four.

Such a crossword deserves only the most immaculate music pairing– this groovy gem from Leon Bridges. Happy solving!

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