XII- Sounds Familiar

by Adrian Johnson / Size: 15x15 / Words: 78 / Difficulty: 2/5


Welcome to the first installment of "Adrian Johnson and the Island of Misfit Crosswords," where I share with you puzzles that failed to find a home in major publications. Most of my crosswords don't first go to my site; instead, I send many of them to national editors in the hope that they'll accept them for publication. To date, three have been picked up by various outlets (none have been published yet, stay tuned). However, due to the competitive market and editorial preferences, much of my work will inevitably be turned down. That's where this beautiful site comes into play, where I'm able to share the misfit crosswords with you. 

This puzzle has been called "meh," "a tad straightforward" and "a bit too familiar" by two editors, which in no way makes it a bad puzzle, as you'll see. I still think it's cute and worth redeeming on my blog– which is where you'll get the chance to solve it on this fine frigid Friday.

The only music that pairs well with this puzzle is a pop song that's so boring it distracts from the straightforward theme. Be well everyone, and remember to be good humans.

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