Sometimes, I'm fortunate enough to have puzzles published in other locations, which you can find here. Check back soon for updates!

LA Times (Themeless) w/ Jeff Chen 2/13/2021 

New York Times 4/7/2021 

Macalester Today "Here Come the Scots" 4/23/2021

Universal Crossword "Letters of Communication" 4/28/2021

Universal Crossword (Themeless) "Pride Month Themeless II" (#UniversalXwordPride) 6/12/2021

Wall Street Journal "Inside Out" 7/19/2021

Universal Crossword "Smoothing Things Out" 7/21/2021

LA Times (Themeless) 9/25/2021

LA Times (Themeless) 10/30/2021

Crosswords Club "The Voice of Beantown" w/ Matthew Stock 11/1/2021

Universal Crossword "Why Are You Here?" 11/9/2021

Puzzles on this site:

I- Let the Games Begin! 9/10/2020 (Difficulty: 2.5/5)

II- Another Dimension 9/11/2020 (Difficulty: 2/5)

III- Back to Square One (Themeless) 9/16/2020 (Difficulty: 4/5)

IV- Follow Directions 9/19/2020 (Difficulty: 1.5/5)

V- Sound it Out 9/27/2020 (Difficulty: 3/5)

VI- I, For One 10/3/2020 (Difficulty: 2/5)

VII- Make Some Noise 11/1/2020 (Difficulty: 2.5/5)

VIII- States of Confusion 11/13/2020 (Difficulty: 2/5)

IX- Long Boi 12/6/2020 (Difficulty: 3/5)

X- Save the Animals (Themeless) 1/3/2021 (Difficulty: 4.5/5)

XI- Happy Family 1/22/2021 (Difficulty: 3.5/5)

XII- Sounds Familiar 1/29/2021 (Difficulty: 2/5)

XIII- Faby's Revenge (Themeless) 9/18/2021 (Difficulty: 4/5)

XIV- And You Are...? (Themeless) 10/14/2021 (Difficulty: 4.25/5)

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